Nicholas Morrison - Networking Specialist

S2E1 - Outline of S2

About Me

  • Nick Morrison | | [email protected] | they/he
  • Networking since 2000 (started out in Adelaide, Australia)
  • CCIE #28800 (well and truly expired)
  • Loves teaching networking
  • Loves being interrupted during workshops
  • Loves cool tech
  • Doesn’t love the imbalance in the tech industry

About You

  • hello 👋

How the Workshops Work

  • choose your level of interaction based on your energy - camera off / muted is totally OK
  • if you are usually quiet in workshops, please feel free to take up space here
  • if you are usually confident in workshops, please consider making space for others
  • interactive “lectures” about a particular topic
  • prepared lab tasks
    • build a network to a spec
    • troubleshoot a pre-built network
  • learning networking isn’t linear - we will sometimes venture into uncharted territory, and then come back to talk about what we discovered.
  • tech stack:

How Much the Workshops Cost

  • if you have no income, please don’t pay anything
  • if you have an income, please help me to cover costs
    • there is a donation link at the top of the workshops page that looks like this -> 💜 donate 🙏
  • if your company will help cover your cost, I can send you a formal invoice (I am an Einzelunternehmer with a VAT ID)


  • this roadmap is negotiable
  • Season 1 was fast and wide, Season 2 will be slower and more “linux”-y
  • it’s hard to learn networking in a linear fashion
  • so we will jump around from topic to topic, getting deeper each time


  • Layer 2 and Layer 3
    • tcpdump
    • MAC addresses and IP addresses (IPv4 and IPv6)
    • Packet formats, headers, shims
  • TCP vs UDP
    • Connection-based vs Connectionless
    • the Three-Way Handshake
    • TCP windowing for flow control
  • Firewalls and Access Control Lists (ACLs)
    • block ur friends
    • ufw vs iptables vs Appliances
    • faking your source IP
  • Networking in Linux
    • the ip command
    • network namespaces
    • docker
  • Network Programming
    • writing your own network utilities
  • Encapsulation
    • VPNs and Tunneling
    • Onion Ring
    • GRE, IPSec, SSH tunnels

That’s it

Please enjoy :-)