Welcome to nanocat.net!

About Nick

I’m a networker and unix geek in Berlin who’s been active in the world of IT and IP networking since before 1999. I’ve worked on really big networks and really small ones too, in Germany, the UK, Australia and Samoa. I completed my CCIE (R&S #28800) in 2011, and I’m proud to be listed on the CCIE Hall of Fame.

I specialise in designing, building and enhancing IP networks and the systems that surround them. Networks that I build have visibility, resiliency, and upgradability built into their foundations. I acknowledge that both technology and business needs can change rapidly and without much warning, and my designs take this reality into account.

I offer consulting and support services. Below you can find an outline of some of the things I can offer. I hope you find something that fits your needs. If so, or if you have any questions, please get in touch. (If you’re just after my CV, look no further!)

My Guiding Beliefs

I believe that expert knowledge should be shared, and I believe in inclusivity. I believe in speaking as plainly as possible, and asking questions. I believe in helping the field of technology and especially networking to become much more diverse, and I am a vocal supporter of all minority groups in tech.

I also love networking.

Consulting Services

There’s a lot I can do for you, from making meaningful, beautiful, living documentation for your existing systems, to getting to the bottom of those irritating and hard-to-find recurring network dropouts, to migrations, or redesigning from the ground up. Please get in touch with me if you’d like to know more.

Network Visibility and Monitoring

Managing what you can’t see or measure is very difficult; having good visibility of the health and performance of your entire infrastructure is critically important. I can help you to choose and implement flow- or sample-based traffic analysis tools and monitoring tools with user interfaces and APIs to fit your environment, or help you enhance your existing ones.

Risk-adjusted Resiliency

Some parts of your network may be more susceptible to failure than others, and some failures matter more than others. I can help you to assess these risks, and put appropriate mechanisms into place to mitigate them. This might be adding multi-chassis link aggregation, checking up on and testing your IGP and EGP failure scenarios, modifying BGP policy via API based on triggers from your monitoring systems, or anything in between.


Vendors frequently release new software for their devices in response to the discovery of security vulnerabilities, bug reports, and to add new features. I can help you update your network’s software with the least amount of downtime to your services, and to design changes to your network to ensure software updates carry as small a risk as possible.

Testing and Validation

Before you roll out a significant change to your network, I can help you to develop and execute a testing and validation plan to ensure that the changes achieve the goals you wanted.

Vendor Evaluation

Every vendor will tell you that they’re the best. I can help you evaluate offers from multiple vendors to help you be confident that you’re making the right decision, and that your needs will be met.

and a lot more!

If your interest is piqued, or if you’d like to chat, please get in touch!

Lots of detailed information about my networking experience can be found in my CV.