About Me

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I’m a networker and unix geek in Berlin who’s been active in the world of IT and IP networking since before 1999. I’ve worked on really big networks and really small ones too, in Germany, the UK, Australia and Samoa. I completed my CCIE (R&S #28800) in 2011, and I’m proud to be listed on the CCIE Hall of Fame.

I specialise in designing, building and enhancing IP networks and the systems that surround them. Networks that I build have visibility, resiliency, and upgradability built into their foundations. I acknowledge that both technology and business needs can change rapidly and without much warning, and my designs take this reality into account.

I offer consulting and support services. Below you can find an outline of some of the things I can offer. I hope you find something that fits your needs. If so, or if you have any questions, please get in touch. (If you’re just after my CV, look no further!)

My Guiding Beliefs

I believe that expert knowledge should be shared, and I believe in inclusivity. I believe in speaking as plainly as possible, asking questions, and listening to the answers. I believe in helping the field of technology and especially networking to become much more diverse, and I am a vocal supporter of all minority groups in tech.

I also love technology for its ability to enable people to do things, and I especially love networking.