Nicholas Morrison - Networking Specialist

S1E1 - Introduction to the networking workshops

Nick Morrison (he/they)

About Me

  • Nick Morrison | | [email protected] | he/they
  • Networking since 2000 (started out in Adelaide, Australia)
  • CCIE #28800 (passed the lab in Bangalore in 2011)
  • Loves teaching networking
  • Loves being interrupted during workshops
  • Loves cool tech
  • Doesn’t love the imbalance in the tech industry

About You

How the Workshops Work

  • Sometimes an interactive “lecture” about a particular topic
  • Sometimes a prepared lab task
  • “Two steps forward, one step back” - we will sometimes venture into uncharted territory, and then come back to talk about what we discovered.
  • Tech stack:

How Much the Workshops Cost

  • If you have no income, please don’t pay anything
  • If you have an income, please help me to cover the costs of the materials
  • If your company will cover your cost, please help me to cover my time :-)
  • I am an Einzelunternehmer with a VAT ID, so I can send you a formal invoice
  • Depending on the lab, we will use a single large VM, or multiple smaller VMs
    • Single large VM costs ~ € 30-40 per month (charged hourly)
    • Multiple small VMs cost ~ € 5-10 per month (charged hourly)
  • But, they can be shutdown when not in use, massively reducing cost.


  • start: basic IP addressing / CIDR / basic routing

  • middle: we create this together :-)

  • end: Multicast EVPN with eBGP leaf spine blah blah blah