S1E16 - The Border Gateway Protocol - Lab 02

title: S1E16 - The Border Gateway Protocol - Lab 02
author: Nicholas Morrison
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Connect to the lab server:

local$ ssh-keygen -R netlab.nanocat.net
local$ ssh lab@netlab.nanocat.net
Password: (see discord)

Connect to your router:

lab@netlab$ list-devices
lab@netlab$ connect DEVICE

Introduction: About BGP ASNs and PI address space allocations

Our new customers


Prefix and AS number allocations: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1vxVgJI_LhY3NDGJ3icE-4zphmBxUurEvVFgdjafFBzc/edit?usp=sharing

Topology: BGP-02
Topology: BGP-02

Open this image


Allocate ASNs and address space

Configure customer loopback interfaces

Configure BGP sessions

Verify and Troubleshoot


Appendix: configuration snippets

Configure an IP address

interface ethernet2
   no switchport
   ip address x.x.x.x/xx

Create a loopback interface

interface loopback10
   ip address x.x.x.x/xx

Configure a BGP session

ip routing
router bgp XXXX                       <- your ASN
   neighbor x.x.x.x remote-as YYYY    <- neighbor ASN
   network x.x.x.x/xx                 <- announce this network

For a network to be announced by BGP, an exactly matching route needs to exist in the routing table.

For a network to be accepted by BGP, the “BGP next-hop” address must be reachable.

Configure your PC

ip address add 192.168.XX.10/26 dev eth1
ip route delete default
ip route add default via 192.168.XX.1