flokinet-005 - Routing between VLANs

title: flokinet-005 - Routing between VLANs
author: Nicholas Morrison
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Connecting to the lab server


Topology 03
Topology 03


Multi-Layer Switching (MLS)

Configuration overview

What you are responsible for configuring

Convert the core-01 into a Multi-Layer Switch

ip routing

Configure a Layer 3 VLAN interface

interface vlan 10
   description --- web ---
   ip address

Inspect core-01

show mac address-table
show ip arp
show ip route
ping 192.168.x.x


At a bash prompt:

# capture and decode all packets on ethX
$ tcpdump -i ethX

# capture and decode all ICMP packets on ethX
$ tcpdump -i ethX icmp

# capture and decode all packets to or from
$ tcpdump -i ethX host

# capture and decode FRAMES
$ tcpdump -i ethX -e ether

# capture and decode FRAMES with a filter
$ tcpdump -i ethX -e ether host 01:23:45:67:89:01