Nick's Resume

Name Nicholas Morrison
Telephone +49 176 806 90861
Location Berlin, Germany
Languages English, German (~C1)

I am a personable, experienced and qualified IP networking specialist and unix systems administrator. Since starting my career in information technology in 1996 I have worked in four countries for a wide variety of organisations, including ISPs large and small, government departments and a television broadcaster. I enjoy confronting the challenges and complexities found in IT projects and take great satisfaction from making systems work at their best. Working closely with colleagues and learning and sharing knowledge are particularly important to me.


Year Certificate Description
2013 JNCIP-SP Juniper Networks Certified Internet Professional, Service Provider
2011 CCIE Cisco Certified Internetworking Expert, CCIE R&S #28800 (recertified 02.2013)
2010 BNCE, BNCP Brocade Certified Network Engineer, Professional
2003 CCDA, CCNA, BSCI/CIT Various entry-level Cisco qualifications
1996 SACE South Australian Certificate of Education

Work History

LaceWing Tech GbR

Berlin, Germany, 2020

I worked with the amazing and dedicated team at LaceWing Tech until its sad closure at the end of 2020, in the middle of the Corona pandemic. I was a Product Design Engineer, developing products, providing support and consulting to our customers, running workshops, and helping to build our internal cloud-based infrastructure.

The unbelievable Machine Company GmbH

Berlin, Germany, 2015 - 2018

Network Architect responsible for design of and rolling migration to network-wide Target Architecture, focusing on EVPN over VXLAN overlay networking using Arista devices in highly available leaf/spine/super-spine topology, making use of BGP both in the core of the DC network (on Arista), as well as of course on our transit and peering links AS48173 (on Brocade, and then Arista) We provided multi-tenant hosting, peer and transit interconnects, and DC management and monitoring. Used GNS3 for network prototyping. Management of vendor relations, including pricing negotiation. Saw many projects through from conception and planning to implementation and migration. Mentored and trained junior staff members.

Dimension Data Germany

Germany, 2012 - 2015

Network Design Engineer in Dimension Data’s ‘Service Provider Centre of Excellence’. Responsible for projects of various size for Dimension Data’s service provider customers including Vodafone and Telefonica. Projects included development of a whole-network Seamless MPLS architecture, an IPSec GetVPN solution (including work on the HSM-backed PKI infrastructure) and technical leadership in a project to upgrade and standardise some 300+ routers and switches around Germany.

Computer Services Ltd

Apia, Samoa, 2011 - 2012

As a Network Consulting Engineer I helped CSL improve their core and access networks’ improved monitoring and design. Installed new ISP billing system and planned, designed and led the rebuild of ISP services infrastructure (KVM virtualisation, DRBD, Heartbeat+Pacemaker, BIND, postfix, Munin, etc); continuously trained and mentored staff to install, administer software and supporting servers. Installed internal documentation system (MediaWiki.) Reviewed existing IP transit contracts and initiated IP peering arrangements between local carriers. Negotiated with Huawei on design and costing of planned National Broadband Network. Met with upstream transit providers in Honolulu, Hawaii and initiated transfer to alternative upstream provider via undersea ASH cable; investigated resiliency options with O3B and SES.

Red Bee Media

London, UK, 2009 - 2010

As a Network Engineer, maintained Red Bee Media’s broadcast data network, based primarily on Foundry (Brocade) and Cisco network switches, and Juniper, Checkpoint and FortiNet firewalls. Developed software to assist in network management (perl, sqlite, Rose::DB), complimenting Infoblox IPAM/DNS/DHCP system. Trained staff to build and administer monitoring systems. Participated in large project to rebuild the ageing “playout" network. Implemented systems and processes to improve automated network monitoring and reporting using various Linux and Windows servers and software.

Calyx Group

Hook, UK, 2008 - 2009

Project Consultant responsible for network pre-sales, design and implementation of projects of various scale for clients around the UK. Deployed Foundry WAN and LAN solution of thousands of ports for Red Bee Media’s Channel 4 project. Managed various Foundry and Cisco hardware. Responsible for project management, scheduling and reporting. Provided third-line support to helpdesk teams. Produced support and handover documentation.

Queensland Department of Housing

Brisbane, Australia, 2007 - 2008

Senior Network Support Officer who supported the department’s LAN, MAN and WAN connecting 35 offices and 1,700 users distributed around metropolitan and regional Queensland. WAN consisted of a mix of ISDN, Frame Relay, ADSL and Ethernet MPLS VPN circuits. Guided and reviewed redevelopment of network monitoring and documentation systems; led project to migrate WAN links to MPLS VPN; installed and maintained Windows and Linux servers for network management and monitoring.

Computer Sciences Corporation

Brisbane, Australia, 2007

Network Support Engineer, supporting and maintaining the networks of several of CSC’s major customers including BHP, BMA, Xstrata, AMP and Rio Tinto. Responsible for troubleshooting network issues (last-line support), maintenance of network documentation, network administration and development of existing networks. Provided support for a wide range of Cisco and Nortel network equipment.

Freelance Web Developer

Adelaide, Australia, 2006 - 2007

Provided back-end design and support for several web sites using Perl, PHP, PostgreSQL and MySQL to create simple, useful and supportable solutions.

ETSA Utilities

Adelaide, Australia, 2006

Network Engineer who designed, built, documented and handed over a roaming wireless network solution based on 802.1x and Cisco wireless access points, for fixed installation into work vehicles.

Guardian Media Group

London, UK, 2005 - 2006

As Network Security Specialist, I was responsible for the design, maintenance, monitoring and support of the Guardian Newspaper’s internal Cisco and Foundry network, supporting 1000+ staff members in several sites around England and continental Europe. Developed network monitoring and management tools, significantly improving the department’s view of the network’s overall health and its ability to recover rapidly from network failure.


London, UK, 2005

I was a Product and Solutions Design Engineer who designed, tested, documented and guided the deployment of customised corporate customer network solutions. Provided third-level technical support when required. Collaborated with European design and engineering teams in designing for customers with EU-wide networks.


Adelaide, Australia, 2000 - 2005

Network Administrator in the Network Operations team, responsible for the installation, maintenance and planning of Internode’s national network, and for network design for larger customers. Worked extensively with a large range of Cisco routers and switches from design, layout and rack planning, to installation, configuration and troubleshooting. Developed and maintained many internal and external web tools using Perl, PHP and PostgreSQL. Designed, built and documented Internode’s first “IBC” network (L2TP-based VPN) connecting 120 sites Australia wide, and many other medium-scale IPSec-based VPN solutions.

Technical Skills

My technical focus is on the design, engineering, maintenance and monitoring of complex networks. Since I have worked with a variety of organisations and organisation types, my network experience is broad.

  • Layer 1-2 protocols such as UDLD, BFD, STP, MRP, VLANs and VTP
  • Layer 3+ protocols such as IPv4, IPv6, RIP, EIGRP, OSPF, (MP-)BGP, ISIS, HSRP, VRRP, GLBP
  • WAN technologies including ADSL, Frame Relay, Dial and ISDN
  • VPN and overlay technologies such as MPLS (Seamless MPLS, MP-BGP, L2/3VPN, EVPN), VRFs, VXLAN, IPSec, L2TP, GRE, IPinIP etc
  • Traffic optimisation like MPLS-TE, QoS, Multicast (PIM, IGMP)
  • AAA protocols such as RADIUS, TACACS+, 802.1x
  • Firewalls including the Cisco PIX/ASA, Juniper Netscreen, Fortigate and custom “hand-rolled” UNIX firewalls using IP Tables, UFW, IPF and IPFW
  • Arista hardware including 7280R, 7050X, 7060X and 7150S
  • Juniper hardware including EX and MX series
  • Cisco hardware including 800-series SOHO routers to 12000 GSRs, ASRs and CRS-1
  • Router services such as SFlow, NetFlow, RMON, CDP and FDP, etc
  • Network operating systems including Arista’s EOS, Cisco’s IOS, IOS-XE and IOS-XR, JunOS and Ironware
  • Brocade network hardware from the MLX, FESX, SX and RX ranges
  • Network monitoring and analysis using various off-the-shelf and hand-rolled software, such as Wireshark (Ethereal), Inmon, ntop, tcpdump, Netscout, SNMPc, flow-tools, etc
  • General monitoring and analysis using Traffic Sentinel, Nagios, mon, Munin, Cacti, etc
  • Scripting using python, perl, php and sh (sed, grep, cut, wc, /bin/…)
  • Operating system administration including FreeBSD, various Linux flavours, Solaris, Windows, OS X
  • Structured documentation using Visio, xfig, Pages, MS Office, MediaWiki, vim, etc
  • Server software including BIND, dhcpd, apache, lighttpd, mediawiki, postgresql, mysql, and many others
  • Service Provider technologies including MPLS-VPN, MPLS-TE, MP-BGP, Seamless MPLS
  • Creating clear network diagrams with the goal to convey meaning and understanding, and to provide useful tools for troubleshooting and planning

Technology, social justice, music and travel all play very important roles in my life; I play the silver flute and the Japanese bamboo shakuhachi, and make field recordings, compose electronic music with hardware and software and experiment with processing sound. I like Max/MSP, Ableton Live, Bosca Ceoil and TouchDesigner. I also experiment with virtual networking environments such as Cisco VIRL and dynamips/GNS3 for IOS and EOS.


You can read some recommendations that other people have very kindly left for me on LinkedIn:

It was such a pleasure to work with Nick. It was clear from the very start
that he is highly skilled in what he does, and that he tackles every problem
with great care, skill, an eye for important details, and an ambition to find
the best, most sustainable solution. Apart from his technical expertise, I
especially valued him as a team member - his communication was always
empathetic and to the point, and I just knew I could rely on him as a
coworker.  I'd love to work with him again in the future!

- Tina Reis, colleague at LaceWing Tech GbR, Germany
I'm working with Nick on a daily basis for the last years. He is very
skilled and knows his stuff. It is a pleasure to work with him.

His design skills for complicated network problems are excellent. He can
think outside the box and is not afraid to push the boundaries to improve
the solutions.

He is also very empathetic and senses how other people see/feel about
different things.

- Karsten Elfenbein, colleague at The unbelievable Machine Company GmbH, Germany
Nick is one of the best Network Engineers I have ever worked with.

His ability to determine the root cause of extremely complex network
problems is one I have valued most highly. He constantly seeks to improve
and obtain the best from any infrastructure that he manages.

It would be a pleasure to work with him again in the future and I wish him
the very best.

- Cherie Watts, colleague at Red Bee Media, UK
Nick is an experienced and highly qualified network engineer who did an
excellent job at CSL during his brief tenure. He was responsible for the
elaborate planning and implementing of the new SMILE system for CSL's
internet services. On top of that, he was able to share his knowledge and
expertise with a team of local engineers and make substantive improvements
to CSL's internet infrastructure and internal network. Nick is a matured
professional whom you can count on to finish a difficult task. His
practical approach and management expertise was very much appreciated by
the senior management team at CSL. I wish Nick all the best in his future
endeavors and I believe he will never settle for anything less than his

- Lilomaiava Filifilia Iosefa, colleague at CSL, Samoa
Nick is very skilled & a pleasure to work with. His expertise & attitude
are outstanding. He is extremely reliable and hard working. His passion
for anything Unix/Linux brings outstanding benefits in resolving or
refining any activity, whether it be design or operational.

- Gary Edwards, colleague at The Guardian, UK
Nick is a pleasure to work with; he is helpful, insightful and innovative.
He is also a solid troubleshooter and good with investigations.

- Robert Sutherland-Smith, colleague at Red Bee Media, UK
Nick is a professional with an eye for detail. His expertise and work
ethics has earned him respect amongst his peers . It is my pleasure to
recommend him and wish him well with his future endeavours.

- Maryann Lameko, colleague at CSL, Samoa
I worked with Nick for 2 years, and found him to be a first rate engineer.
His depth and breadth of technical knowledge was excellent which meant he
could drill deep into complex networking issues which required a thorough
understanding of the topic.

As well as this work ethic, and attention to detail were beyond reproach.
This meant that Nick was always the person I turned to when I had the more
"interesting", or taxing problems to solve.

On top of that, (and of almost equal importance), I always found him a
pleasure to deal with.

- Ian Salt, colleague at Red Bee Media, UK
Nick is a very skilled network engineer and his expertise is topped by an
excellent attitude. He routinely exceeds expectations, is hard working and
extremely reliable. Nick has a passion for Unix and Linux and he has a deep
understanding of these technologies.

- Lyderic Landry, colleague at Red Bee Media, UK